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Friday, November 6, 2009

puppys cypress and quittting

sooo good news first i got a puppy and shes cute ass hell

i couldnt name her for like 3 days it was between gitsie minne peaches or sherie or cherry

FINALLY i names her bunny she's teen like one and hops around like one shes adorable ha

& cypress news long story short instead of hiring seasonals for our super busy locations OUR location which tends to slow down for holidays is sending some people to other locations aka me!
i mean im getting paid mileage and ill most likey get more hours which is dope cos holidays = $pendinggggg so its all good everything happeneds for a reason it was between cypress and la habra i ended up getting sent to cypress good tho cos i know someone at la habra i dont really feel like seeing so i go mid novemeber for about 6 weeks
and quitting 2 weeks ago i approached my manager at 9west to tell her i passed my probation at my second job which by the way pays me over 10 bucks :D as opposed to the sad 8.25 i was making at 9west anyways i wanted to tell her hey the holidays are coming up i can stay but youd have to go by my other jobs schedule or just schedule me sundays my only day off i mean i sell loadssssssssss there she hired me for my selling skills and customer service k so i've been there for a year im thinking she wants me there since when i gave her my 2 weeks 4 months ago she immediatley called my district manager and said leslies leaving do something they talked me into staying until i passed probation now that i have i still wanted to keep both jobs so i go tell her and right after i had said so i passed my probabtion she interupts me and says and you wanna give your 2 weeks? ITS LIKE WTF DO I EVEN SAY BACK UMMM NO? of course not that bitch made it clear shes fed up with me prioritizing my job that pays me more so i said yeah and she said the 6th would be my last day only i worked yesturday and teh time she scheduled me teh 6th conflicted with my other job i assumed shed schedule me later so i was looking forward to working today since all my co workers work friday it could be a day for goodbyes
i really do care about my co workers i mean their your second family i spend more time with them than my family yea i know i work too much anyways THAT BITCH COULDNT EVEN GIVE ME MY GOODBYE DAY she told my manager over the phone to tell me thursday was my last day not friday so much for dammmm goodbyes i was so pissed and today no texts from any co workers how fucked up here i was all sad i didnt get to properly say good byes and they dont even give a shit FUCKKKK THAT JOB THERES A REASON FOR EVERYTHING AND IM WAY BETTER OFF -the end ps-i hope my manager who's acted so fucked up gets her karma back FAST!!

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