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Sunday, September 20, 2009

some tips

1-never leave the house without mascara it's a sin you can look natural WITH mascara

2-never accuse guys of anything YOU'RE gonna look like a insecure fool

3-forever21 is cheap clothes shop vintage that way when you wear your clothes you dont see 5 other gilrs wearin the same exact things

4-save your money and give yourself some salon treatment mani pedi & a massage or facial

it's your money do something good for you

5-always wear moisturizer & lotion soft fcaes hands & skin is sexy dry hands are nasty

6-READ a book there's no good tv books are intresting find a good one trust me there alot!

7-have a movie night with your close friends going out doesnt HAVE to invole alky:]

8-always have chapstick on you at all times dry chapped lips are NOT lady=like or cute!

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