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Thursday, August 6, 2009

before i die

LONDON,INDIA, BRAZIL, PERU, AND VENICE. i wanna visit these places,
travel for a while and enjoy every place i travel to. meet different people & live differently than what im used to, its weird but i dont have anything keeping me here & i liek that
i have no plans to every settle down with anyone ever start a family nothing like that
i just want to travel the world someday, lately i just feel like getting away and starting over somewhere new where i dont know anyone & no one knows me not that i have anything to hide my past has made me who i am and i will forever love all my memories of being young
its just i feel like theres MORE to life more that i'd rather do than just settle down and stay in california im not saying i'd move away and never come back im saying i feel like people are just too self involved sometimes and the older we get the more we see peoples true color
sometimes friends arent friends and im sick of dealin with people bullshit i have who i need
i just know i wanna meet new & intresting souls adventures i feel liek everyones the same here
& its dragging me down to this point that i feel like everyones bullshit i hate this feelin.
maybe i've been workin to much i havent seen my good friends in a while and a conversation or two here and there isnt the same as truly enjoying a friends company, bottom line i feel i really need to get away i wanna work super hard SAVE & TRAVEL already started saving half my paychecks so heres to traveling in due time!!! or before i die :]

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