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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Since summer classes i planned on taking are full & work isnt exactly giving me a shitload of hours i guess i needa get into a good book now that i have time again but FIRST i wanna read new moon AGAIN yes for the like dozenth time haha cos the anticipation for new moon is killing me! went to the gym today and bought 2 more bottles or hair color now all of my hair is gonna be red fuck 5 bottles of hair color fuck having so much hair! least i know ill never be bald haha

ps-soon as i was the color out ill make some new head bands& clips i think i wont be sellin them on myspace anymore tho last week the owner of this art gallery in la asked me to sell my feather clips to her how exciting my hair accessories are gonna be available in an art gallery so i needa make some more im excited :)

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